20th Century Bombay Authentically Recreated in London’s King Cross

Dishoom-restaurant-Kings-Cross-London_dezeen_ss_9The above title only teases half the detailed story of Dishoom King Cross, a more appropriate title would be Irani themed Cafe from 20th Century Bombay opens in a former King Cross railway shed!

The concept for Dishoom King Cross was to recreate the elegance of the authentic Irani cafe’s that popped up across Bombay in the 20th Century and the outcome is just that.


At their peak 400 of these cafes spread across Bombay, unfortunately today fewer than 30 have survived.


This is Shamil and Kavi Thakrar’s third Dishoom cafe after openings in Shoreditch and Covent Garden.

The owners created a clear detailed design story, the cafe’s interiors we based around an Irani immigrants makeshift stall behind 1920’s Victoria Station, Bombay. The stall eventually grew into a popular Irani cafe during the period of the indian Independence Movement and Dishoom King Cross is the beautiful outcome.


The design team kept a lot of the original brickwork while previously painted walls were treated to look distressed. A lot of effort was put into creating an authentic interior to replicate what one would expect from 20th century Bombay. The owners made two trips to Bombay to source over 100 original antiques.


The menu is an an authentic offering of Indian’s finest cuisine with the odd inauthentic twist on some beloved classics, such as the Bacon & Egg naan roll found on the breakfast menu.


Dishoom Kings Cross

Photography is by John Carey.



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